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Welcome to the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast with Bruce Outridge

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Are you an artist, author, musician, or entrepreneur with talent, experience, or a dream? If so this is the podcast for you. This is a podcast that helps you take that creative itch and offers you ways to turn it into a viable business, product, or service. I am going to show you through the eyes of others how you can take an idea or talent, and make it something that brings you money in over time allowing you to create a career do something that you love. The show features topics, interviews, and ideas to take your creative talents and turn them into profitable ideas. Want to know how a musician takes their love of music and makes a living? How about learning how a cartoonist created a business because he loves to draw? How did that author write their latest book? How does a jewellery maker, photographer or software maker make money with their passion? The show interviews real people actually making money from their creative crafts hopefully inspiring you to do the same.

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Oct 16, 2018

Start your writing career

Starting a Writing Career
with Inside Inspiration

Bruce talks about starting a career as an author by being inspired from within. What makes someone want to write over doing other types of creative pursuits and can it be possible that you may be an author and not even know it. Inspire your writing career in this bonus...

Oct 9, 2018

Starting your art career

Starting Your Artist Journey

Bruce talks about getting started on your journey as an artist and the importance of following your dreams. Bruce followed his dreams for being an artist by following what he felt was the right way and not what others had done before him.

About the Show

Business, creativity, and inspiration...

Oct 2, 2018

Listen to your heart

Listen to Your Heart for Creative Success

Bruce talks about listening to your heart and not others when it comes to creating products and services. Don’t let people put you into a box stopping you from developing the path of your dreams. Inspire your next product with this important message.

About the Show


Sep 25, 2018

Just get Started

Just Get Started as a Creative Entrepreneur

Bruce talks about the importance of finding your voice and path as a creative entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs try to have the whole path to success figured out and never get started due to fear of failure. Bruce’s message of just getting started will help you learn that...

Sep 18, 2018

You are who you hang with!

You are the average of the five people you hang out with as a creative entrepreneur

Bruce talks about the importance of selecting who you hang out with as a creative entrepreneur and how it can help or hinder your business success. Learn how to improve your business, your life, and your internal thought processes by...