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Welcome to the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs

A Podcast Helping Artists and Other Creative Entrepreneurs
Build Careers from Their Talents!

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Artists, authors, musicians, or creative entrepreneurs with talent, experience, will benefit from this podcast. A business and career podcast helping inspire creative entrepreneurs such as artists, authors, and musicians to create a fulfilling life using their talents. Get started on your creative entrepreneurial journey today! 

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About - Cashing in on Creativity Podcast
for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs

Helping Creative Entrepreneurs Build Careers
from Their Talents and Information About the Podcast

Welcome to the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast with Bruce Outridge Feel free to follow us on the podcast platform of your choice. Artists, authors, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs with talent will benefit from this podcast. This is a podcast that helps you take that creative talent and offers you ways to turn it into a viable business, product, or service. The podcast is hosted by artist Bruce Outridge who shows you through the eyes of others how you can take an idea or talent and make it something that brings you money in over time allowing you to create a career doing something that you love. The show features topics, interviews, and ideas to take your creative talents and turn them into profitable ideas. Want to know how a musician takes their love of music and makes a living? How about learning how a cartoonist created a business because he loves to draw? How did that author write their latest book? How does a jewellery maker, photographer, or software maker make money with their passion? The show interviews real people actually making money from their creative crafts hopefully inspiring you to do the same no matter which level of creative entrepreneur that you are subscribe to the podcast at  

Show voice over intro is done by Stan Campbell of Alexis Broadcasting Company at . Intro music is provided by the Killin Time Band with their sone Meat Me on the Mountain at  The show is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Tunein, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, and more. Subscribe to the show and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can learn more about the show at  and about the host Bruce Outridge at  or Bruce's art at  If you are enjoying the show please leave us a rating and review on iTunes. That rating helps us rank better in the podcast categories allowing more people to hear the show


Music on the Show

Music on the show is supplied by friends of mine or local bands from my area. The background music that is played for the intro and exit of each show is called "Meat Me on the Mountain" by the Killin' Time Band from Burlington Ontario. You can learn more about the band at  

Other musical guests on the show are Tropical Daze, The Danny Thompson Band, Thomas Wade, The Killin' Time Band, and Trio Avenue. You can learn more about these bands at


About Host Bruce Outridge

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, speaker, television host, and creative entrepreneur that helps people create a career or business from their talents. He has been a professional cartoonist for over ten years, author of four books on business and leadership, and produces two podcasts with thousands of listeners, and hosts a television show for youth. Bruce brings his talent, knowledge, and experience helping creative entrepreneurs build a career from their unique talents.

His cartoons are regularly published in publications and custom produced for client projects. He is often hired to write articles for clients and has been a columnist for industry magazines in the arts and transportation. Years ago Bruce began to produce podcasts and now has two weekly shows on business, marketing, and career information. To learn more about Bruce visit his websites or

Bruce is a member of International Society of Caricature Artists, Association of Canadian Cartoonists, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and Oakville Arts Council. You can learn more about these groups at

Check out Bruce’s book How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps which you can download for free at