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Cashing in on Creativity Podcast for Artist

Business, Marketing and Inspiration for Artists

Artists are amazing at their craft but often have trouble when it comes to marketing themselves or their art. Whether a visual artist trying to sell a painting or a musician trying to sell their latest song marketing can be tough for everyone. The Cashing in on Creativity Podcast was developed to help artists improve their marketing and businesses by learning from others.

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A business and marketing podcast helping inspire artists of all genres to create fulfilling lives using their talents. In addition to inspiring interviews from artists you can get additional help with a free business start up workbook or  get marketing tips sent right to your mailbox with The Creative Connection Newsletter. Click the link of choice below.

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Jan 30, 2020

Creating Content

Creating Content While on the
Road for Your Business

Do you need to create content for your project, but traveling is hindering your process? Creating content is a continual game and the trick to creating content even when traveling or doing other things is to always be on the look out for what is around you. Bruce...

Jan 23, 2020

Business Tips

5 Things They Didn’t Tell You
About Being an Entrepreneur

In this episode Bruce talks about the things many books, schools, and other people don’t tell you about being in business and what we all soon find out once we get started. They say that 50% of businesses don’t make it over 5 years before failing. This may...

Jan 16, 2020

Choosing Topics for Your Podcast

Choosing Topics and Finding
Guests for Your Podcast

We continue the podcast theme in this episode as we talk about how to find guests for your new podcast and choose topics that will be of interest to your audience. Podcasting is hot these days and so we have done a few episodes to get you started. A podcast is a great...

Jan 9, 2020

Podcasting Equipment

Podcasting Equipment for Beginners

Have you thought about starting your own podcast and then found yourself online or in a store trying to figure out what equipment you need? As a creative entrepreneur or podcaster it can be easy to come up with the idea for a podcast but costly to execute. Cashing in on Creativity...

Jan 2, 2020

Goal set Your Business

5 Tips to Goal Setting Your Business
as a Creative Entrepreneur

Bruce talks about setting goals and the top five criteria that you should be using to take your business to the next level for the upcoming year. Bruce has used these same categories to create goals that he uses to this day. You can find more tips on...