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Business, Marketing and Inspiration for Artists

Artists are amazing at their craft but often have trouble when it comes to marketing themselves or their art. Whether a visual artist trying to sell a painting or a musician trying to sell their latest song marketing can be tough for everyone. The Cashing in on Creativity Podcast was developed to help artists improve their marketing and businesses by learning from others.

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A business and marketing podcast helping inspire artists of all genres to create fulfilling lives using their talents. In addition to inspiring interviews from artists you can get additional help with a free business start up workbook or  get marketing tips sent right to your mailbox with The Creative Connection Newsletter. Click the link of choice below.

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May 27, 2021

CC249 Improving Your Creative Brand with Brittany Pickrem

Improving Your Creative Brand
with Brittany Pickrem

Branding expert Brittany Pickrem joins Bruce on the podcast to talk about what creative entrepreneurs can improve in their creative brands and some of the elements they must have in place to be successful. You can improve your brand by adding these tips from Brittany...

Jun 16, 2020

How to look natural on video

How to Looking Natural on Video

Videographer Peter Kelly offers a tip on how to be professional when creating videos. Learn how to create great video content for yourself or customers with this important tip.

Do you want help on creating content for your business and tips on how to market it to your audience? If so why...

Jun 11, 2020

Peter Kelly

Working in Video Production
with Peter Kelly

Video production expert Peter Kelly is our guest on the show today talking about his career in video production and offering some great tips on how to improve your videos for your marketing programs. Find out how to keep your creativity up as a creative professional and look...

Mar 5, 2020

Juliet Clark-Book Marketing

Marketing Your Book with Juliet Clark

Publishing expert Juliet Clark is the guest on the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast as host Bruce Outridge talks with Clark about what authors need to know about marketing their book. Clark is the power behind Super Brand Publishing helping authors have successful book sales and...

Oct 17, 2019


Using Hashtags to Brand Your Content

Do you use hashtags in your business? Bruce talks about the three important hashtag types creative entrepreneurs should be using in their business. Hashtags are a staple in the social media world and if you are not using them then you should be. Knowing what types you should be...